Human Rights and Justice Program

In Uganda, there are very many forms of injustice and they include domestic violence, land grabbing and oppression of the poor. Furthermore, the less advantaged are oppressed in the courts of law where by, they don’t have legal knowledge and legal representation and in the courts of law therefore the cases are not judged in their favor, the rich bribe the judicial officers so that the judgment is in their favor, very many children are defiled and don’t know their rights and where to report which leads to their school dropout.

Therefore, as changing lives Uganda, we promote justice for the underprivileged through;

  • 1. Sensitization and empowerment about Justice and human rights.
  • 2. Training leaders about Alternative dispute resolution.
  • 3. Legally representing the aggrieved persons in courts of Law.
  • 4. Forwarding aggrieved people with criminal cases to police and following up their cases.