Healthy Living Program

This healthy living program aims at helping Ugandans (the children, youths and the elderly) that are suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, malaria, heart disease and hypertension to mention but a few. As our vision states “A society of healthy people whose rights and the environment they leave in are treated with ultimate respect by 2050.” We look forward to a society where every person is healthy by 2050.

To achieve this, changing lives Uganda;

  • 1. Sensitizes and trains the people about causes of these diseases, how they are spread, and how they can be prevented and controlled through audio visual teaching activities.
  • 2. Through protecting water sources from being contaminated for example, by planting trees around open water sources and converting open water sources into springs and shallow wells so as to increases access to clean and safe water by the people of Uganda.
  • 3. Providing psychosocial help to the psychologically distressed.
  • 4. Establishment of sanitation and hygiene demonstration sites and training project beneficiaries on land use and integrated resource management.