About Changing Lives Uganda

Changing Lives Uganda is a women-led indigenous grassroots non-profit organization founded in 2017 by a group of seven strong and ambitious women to promote a healthy, wealthy and democratic living through skilling and capacity building, sensitization, empowerment and addressing injustice.

In Uganda, very many people of different ages, races, gender and economic statuses are treated differently with those on the disadvantaged side having either less or completely no opportunities to have a better life socially, economically and politically. This kind of situation makes the disadvantaged to face very many problems such as injustice, increasing poverty, poor health, unemployment and lack of education services among the many problems. As Changing Lives Uganda, we aim at creating a better life for such people without any discrimination. Changing lives Uganda carries out activities that meet the needs and challenges of those people who are disadvantaged socially, politically and economically and makes them better people at an individual basis.

Governnance Structure

All the board members of CLU work hand in hand despite them having different responsibilities. The governing board; CLU’s governing board is the overall governance organ of CLU. The founders of CLU that is Mrs. Ngabirano Justine, Miss. Niwahereza Irene, Miss. Kyasimire Janerose, Miss. Tumushabe Oliva, Miss Namanya Lynet, Mr. Tashobya Charles and Mr. Ayebazibwe Innocent Constitute of the governing board.

Membership Assembly

CLU is a membership-based organization and it is open to all individuals, organizations, cooperation’s, institution, social and businesses enterprises, and companies that share the same mission with Changing Lives Uganda. These organizations that request for membership pay a fee of twenty thousand Uganda shillings (UGX 20,000) which is kept in the treasury. However, CLU is the overall supreme organ that runs the organization.

Board of Directors

CLU holds general meetings twice a year and, in these meetings, reports of the activities that have been carried out are discussed. The board of directors is appointed by members of assembly. The board of directors supervises the activities and makes reports which are then forwarded to the governing board for discussion and approval during the general meetings. These work hand in hand with the directors. The boards of directors include the internal and external coordinator and. project coordinator.


CLU has a secretariat which is headed by the executive directors who work hand in hand with the director of finance and the director of programmers.

Advisory Board

CLU is composed of eight members who are experts in finance, planning and project managements. These hold meetings at every start and end of projects.

Our Core Values

Equality: We all know that no one should have poorer life chances because of their age, gender, race, religion, or economic status; therefore, we believe that every individual should be given equal opportunities so that they can make the most of their lives.

Transparency: All the actions and activities of the organization shall be visible and consistent to its values.

Commitment: We dedicate ourselves to the activities of the organization will help us achieve the objectives, vision and mission.

Integrity and Ethics: We are accountable for to the people we serve thus are honest and truth full no matter the circumstances.

Credible: We give hope to the people and persuade them to be positive about the activities they participate in.

Development: We always target at bringing about development in all parts of the country.

Empathy: We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of the people we serve so as to act whole heartedly.

Statistical Overview

45 +

Registered Members

UGX 4 Million +

Member Contributions

5000 +

Target Beneficiaries

10 +

Districts Served