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Changing Lives Uganda is a women-led indigenous grassroots non-profit organization founded in 2017 by a group of seven strong and ambitious women to promote a healthy, wealthy and democratic living through skilling and capacity building, sensitization, empowerment and addressing injustice.

Our Vision

A society of healthy people whose rights and the environment they leave in are treated with ultimate respect by 2050.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy, wealthy and democratic living through skilling, capacity building, and sensitization.

Our Goal

We aim at creating a better life for everyone in Uganda without any discrimination whatsoever.

Statistical Overview

45 +

Registered Members

UGX 4 Million +

Member Contributions

5000 +

Target Beneficiaries

10 +

Districts Served

Our Objectives

1. To ensure that all the under privileged persons in the country have attained justice by 2050 through sensitization and empowerment about Justice and human rights, training leaders about Alternative dispute resolution, legally representing the aggrieved persons in courts of Law and forwarding aggrieved people with criminal cases to police and following up their cases.
2. To conserve the environment and its natural resources such as forests, water bodies, land, soil and animals through raining and sensitization so as to prevent extinction of organisms in the environment, to prevent global warming that causes drought which results into hunger and death, to prevent natural calamities such as floods and landslides.
3. To promote good health among Ugandans so as to reduce cases of diseases and expenditure on the treatment of the diseases through sensitization and training for a health living, providing psychosocial help to the psychologically and mentally distressed persons, protection of open water sources into springs and shallow wells which will lead to increased access to clean and Safe water, establishment of sanitation and hygiene demonstration sites and training project beneficiaries on land use and intergrade resource management.
4. To eradicate poverty among the people of Uganda through skilling and capacity building of the unemployed and to provide them with funds to support income generating activities, sensitization, training and empowerment.

Our Programs

Human Rights Program

In Uganda, there are very many forms of injustice e.g. domestic violence, land grabbing and oppression of the poor. Furthermore, the less advantaged are oppressed in the courts of law when they lack legal knowledge and representation.

Food Security Program

In Uganda there are unpredicted natural calamities such as floods and landslides that wipe away people’s homes and gardens. Hailstones that destroy people’s crops and too much sunshine that causes peoples crops to dry up.

Good Environment Program

This program aims at conserving the environment and its natural resources such as forests, land, and water bodies. The conservation of the environment is aimed at controlling diseases that arise when people live in a unhealthy environment.

Poverty Eradication Program

Poverty is a very big problem in Uganda. Very many people are suffering due to lack of money to pay for hospital bills, school fees, food bills etc. Poverty in Uganda is largely caused by unemployment, lack of skills and lack of knowledge among others.

Healthy Living Program

This healthy living program aims at helping Ugandans (the children, youths and the elderly) that are suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, malaria, heart disease and hypertension to mention but a few.

Let's create a better life for everyone in Uganda